New Sulky Blendables Colours

October 12, 2011

Today I was preparing the Sulky Long Staple Cotton Blendables Threads for the Creativ Festival.  I am fortunate to have received the first of the NEW Colours!  They are so yummy, licorice and mint chocolate ice cream come to mind.  Other colours are less foodie and co-ordinate with todays new colour schemes, you know, the blues & greens, and dusty type colours, but there are brights too.  Both the 12wt. and 30wt will be ON SALE at the Creativ Festival.  Be sure to drop by the Sulky® booth  #411.



Happy Thanksgiving

October 9, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  Apart from all the proper, politically correct, things we really are thankful for that we don’t want to appear to sentimental and write about.  I am really Thankful for the fact that I bought my Babylock® coverstitch machine  as many years ago as I did.

I haven’t used this machine in over a year.  I went to  do some hemming yesterday and I was dreading threading the chain looper.  To my amazement, When I opened the cover to thread the machine.  IT HAS THE JET AIR FEED SYSTEM!!!!!.  You have no idea how thankful I was at that moment. I had completely forgotten about this feature.  As usual with any Babylock serger, you just thread the machine, following the instructions and every thing is perfect.  It always is.  Do you think I will have the same luck with my SASHIKO machine, which I haven’t used in about 5 months?  I wonder when the Elissimo Gold will arrive?

But we are all here, able to smile, make others happy and be grateful for our family and friends the real important things in life.

Happy Thanksgiving

Joanne, John, Children and Animals

45 mm Titanium Rotary Cutting Blades

October 6, 2011

I know I promised that if I wrote again this week I would brag about my upcoming YouTube Debut.  But…..

These blades were such a hot item at the Spring CreativFestival and they arrived today and I thought I would blog about them now.

Rhonda Pierce, Schmetz™  Machine Needle Expert, will be at the CreativFestival again this fall.  Last fall she created such a buzz about these blades and I’m sure she will again this year ( October 21 – 23 MTCC

I thought I’d give you a heads up.  Titanium Coated Rotary blades are stronger, remain sharper longer and they come 2 per package, which makes them more economical.

They are listed as a feature on our home page
so they are easier for you to find.  $12.95 for 2 blades.
I will rehearse my 5 minutes of fame for YouTube a bit more and then fill you in on the details.

Life Lessons and Reminders

October 5, 2011

I attended a trade show this past Monday.  For me, this was more of an opportunity to renew friendships than see new products as most that was shown  I’ve already seen and tested and made decisions as to whether it is product I wish to offer or a quality I would consider.

I was visiting with an old friend, he is actually quite wise for his young years, (He’s younger than me).  He related a story about  a segment on 60 minutes he watched at least 5 years ago.  It was such a profound life lesson that he was able to retell it to me as if he’d only seen it the night before.  The segment was presented by the gentleman who’s just retired at 92, i’ve forgotten his name,  well the short  story is that if you choose to  wake up grumpy  you will have a grumpy day.  If you choose to wake up happy you will have a happy successful day.  If you choose to overlook people’s shortcomings you will benefit greatly from your relationship with them either personal or through work.  So as we come up to this busy Thanksgiving Weekend, maybe we should take a moment or 2 to reflect on my friends words of wisdom.  For what ever reason it hit him at a place in his life that it has been ingrained in his habits.  For me it was a reminder of the Buddhist lesson to cherish others and view myself as the lowest of all.  I will try to remember this as I prepeare for the challenges of the Creativ Festival in Toronto  October 21 -23

It only takes 30 consecutive days of effort to change a habbit.  Today is a good day to start.

I will get off my soap box now.   Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels if I don’t get back here this week.  I’m hoping to write more about my upcoming YouTube Adventure.



Quick Update

September 23, 2011

I hope you are all well and had as wonderful a summer as we did.  John and I are very busy here getting ready for the Creativ Festival Oct 21 -23 in Toronto.  We are working on a lot of the new items that you have seen in the American magazines and on the art quilt web sites.  I hope to have pictures for you next week.  I’m working with, (believe it or not) outdated browsers on machines that are not updatable.  so there will be a lot of tech upgrading later this fall and everything will get back on track.

Watch for more.  Be Safe


GelliArts™Printing plates are here!

August 12, 2011

The hottest new item for surface design is here.   No more need to prep the gellitine the night before.  Now you can print any time the whim or inspiration hits.

The Gelli arts™ printing plates are available in 2 sizes  6 x 6” and 8” x 10”.  Can’t wait ’till my play date on Sunday.  More to follow!



Steam Erasable Gel Pens

July 2, 2011

These pens were a hit at Spring Market. They are made by Pilot.
They are a Gel Pen with erasable ink which also dissapears with steam. At this time I do not plan on carrying these pens. Here’s why
#1 You can purchase them at Staples. $12.99 for a 6 pack.
#2 The markings return when it gets cold. This could be embarrasing in the winter when you go to show off the white blouse you just finished.
I’m struggling with some “outdated” processor and browser issues. I will address these later this summer.
I will update you with our July plans before the end of the week.
Safe and Happy Long Weekend.